More tequila, more love. More is better.

No.It's too much,burn my sun.Up in flames we go you fire breather........


      I’m not exactly a c a t c h at the moment
                                  maybe Felicity will change all that

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"It was the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Stefan was supposed to be my escort, but he bailed on me. Damon stepped in. He saved me from being embarrassed in front of everyone. He took my arm and led me out with the rest of the girls and all their dates, and we danced. I remember that was the first time that I felt it, how sexy he was. I’d never let myself notice until then. I mean, obviously, I knew that he was attractive, but I didn’t want to see him that way."

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I remember, a while back, when we were both oblivious to our future and what lay ahead, I told you that you’d lost me f o r e v e r. But now… I sit alone at night, thinking about how there is nothing more that I could have asked for, except that my life with you could last f o r e v e r.

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For the rest of e t e r n i t y I’m gonna have a hole in my heart, where he was supposed to be.

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Somethings never change… Nina’s face when Ian is affectionate with others. [2012?-2014]